Discover Your Aptitude

Our ultimate goal is to provide you with a fitness experience that integrates seamlessly with your day to day life and suits your unique goals.

Choose Your Path

‚ÄčWith the assistance of your own personal trainer, Aptitude offers a customized fitness experience by:

  • Helping you nail down your specific fitness goals
  • Allowing you to take action on the path and body you want to achieve
  • Improving your mindset and tracking your fitness journey
  • Providing you with engaging workouts 

So How Do You Maximize Your Training?

Step 1

Understand Your Goals

We will onboard you and help you determine your most important goals:

  • This helps keep your focus streamlined, while finding workouts that match your goals
  • Preferred workout timeframes and workout styles are also taken into consideration

Step 2

Build Your Gym

We'll help you create a workout environment that you can't resist:

  • Programs designed so that you can workout where you want; at home, outdoors, and at the gym
  • Create workouts from your experience and background in fitness to effectively pursue your goals
  • A straightforward and custom environment that'll test your limits 

Step 3

Track Progress

Understand your journey:

  • Easily understand your performance per workout and exercise
  • Easy to follow program design and nutrition consultation that allows you to track your fitness progress quickly

Start Your Journey With Us and Discover Your Aptitude